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Here you can search by typing into ANY of the boxes, or pull down to see various choices.
For example, you can try just selecting an area and see what is available near you:
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If you are planning to visit a small town or a county and want to find out
what bargains are available locally, fill in either Area or Town/City.
If you are searching for a certain item eg a kettle or a dishwasher or shoes, type it in Product Type
If you are looking for a particular brand name, eg Gap or Cath Kidston or Mulberry,
type it in the Brand Name box
If you are just looking for general furniture or items for children,
then click on the appropriate section on the pull-down list in What The Shop Sells
If you are looking for a particular type of outlet  (eg, a dress agency or
architectural salvage) click on the pull-down list in the box What Sort of Shop
If you only want to find businesses with websites, click on the appropriate pull-down on the box, Web Site